Posted by: cmittermeier | October 7, 2011

Whole Foods, Whole Body

Life is a spiral, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  There is never that perfect point, we just keep getting closer to it.  Today I did a bit of quick reading and realized that my eating habits still have so far to go because I still bake with white flour, make pies with shortening… whole foods are only partially integrated into my life!

I realize their importance, and I know I have to work harder at integrating them into my life.  Today I’m making pumpkin pies for thanksgiving and it is hitting close to home that my homemade recipe is still not something I’d want to make too often.  Next time around I’ll use half and half whole wheat flour with the white, and there are ideas on how to substitute some of the unhealthy fats with healthier ones.  The only good thing is that the pumpkin filling is actually pretty healthy all ready.  There isn’t a lot of sugar in a pumpkin pie, or fats.  Pumpkin pie is more like a custard, its the eggs that firm it up.  The milk that is used is skim milk so its not the issue.

I’m going grocery shopping today and I need to get some more fruit and veggies, this week I ran out of fresh and have been eating dried.

Well, I have to fun, my pumpkin is boiling and will need to be drained and pureed soon.  It is so easy to cook pumpkin I don’t know why my Mom used canned!

Happy Thanksgiving Folks and Thanks for all the great ways to celebrate!



  1. Take a picture of your pie. Bridgette

  2. Okay… What have you been up too >>> since you made that pie? :). Bridgette

  3. Changes cannot be made overnight. The first step is on thinking of the change – the next step? Next time you will try make that pie with whole wheat flour. And no-one will notice the difference 🙂

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