Posted by: cmittermeier | October 19, 2011

Storms, Growth, and the Bible

The reality is that you are in the midst of a terrible storm, and you can’t see any clear skies on the horizon.  Where did this storm come from?  What can you do about it?  I will share some thoughts in response to those questions, that you may or may not find helpful.  But I will also pray for you, and I am certain that will help.

I find myself often printing articles from this blog, I find the authors often hit the sweet spot.  This fall is shaping up to be one of personal growth, and like most development its not coming without effort.  I wouldn’t exactly say I am in a storm, but from a secular point of view life is hardly easy right now and some might consider it a storm of sorts.  My husband’s work is up in the air, we don’t know where we’ll be a year from now.  His family is in the process of major changes as his father settles in a nursing home.  Many friends are dealing with health issues.  Yet I see how God is working in it, so actually things feel kinda peaceful.

There is my own spiritual growth and its running in parallel to all the problems – totally separate from them, but timed beside them.  You can bet its not coincidence.  Unlike the secular issues, that on the surface should be overwhelming but in reality feel carried by an Angel, my spiritual issues are unnerving.  Many years ago, nearly 20, I left a uniformly Christian community to move to the big city – Toronto – for graduate studies.  I was exposed, for the first time really, to large groups of immigrants of different cultures and religions.  Suddenly I was surrounded by devout people – not Christians – but devout people.  It began a loop away from the church.

You already read how that old world stopped by for a visit, well, last night the ante was upped.  Significantly.

Last night I started a 6 week lecture series on the bible.  It began with commentary of what the church believes about the bible… Catholics are not creationists, we do not believe the world is only 5000 years old… divine inspiration does not mean divine dictation, theological inerrancy doesn’t imply scientific inerrancy… and then it started hitting on some of the specific things that I had noticed some twenty odd years ago.

He went over the idea of mythos and logos, concepts I’d played with just a smidge.  He went over the influence of the Babylonians and the inclusion of some of their stories in the bible.  He went over how the bible has multiple styles of writing, direct contradictions… it was surreal.  This was the path that had once led me away from the church, and here I was walking it again from within the church.

I feel spiritually like God just opened a chasm between us – that he is now standing on the other side of a canyon staring at me.  In the distance, the links are still very visible and strong — all the problems with the family that I spoke above as being carried by an Angel.  But right in front of me is a deep, dark gorge and all I see is a single stepping stone that he is inviting me to step on.  Exploring these paths is a leap of faith I have to take.  I can’t hide out in the New Testament, I must confront the Old… why do I get the feeling the six weeks is the start of a very labour intensive journey?



  1. So beautifully stated. Bridgette

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