Posted by: cmittermeier | October 22, 2011

Next weeks plan

Wow, you have no idea how good it feels to fit into a smaller size!  I won’t say the cliche, it feels better than anything tastes because I am not yet able to swap out one thing for another – or to sublimate – very well.  Sublimation is the transference of one energy to another, often referred to when men workout to deal with frustration or extra sex drive.  Sublimation works for just about any emotion, and it works for both sexes.  Sometimes I can do it, but there are a few times when I still get caught up.

Today was one of those days.  I woke up on the wrong side of the bed after a night of being kicked and poked by my younger son.  Grumpy, the morning didn’t go too well.  By the afternoon I was not sure I’d have it in me to take the two kids downtown for a rally, but it was important so I made the effort.  It went quite well, but it did wear me out.  By the time we got home I was tanked.  I had to eat something, but we were going to a birthday party later… so I sat down to have a cookie… and that turned into two… which turned into… you get the picture.

In hind sight there was something I could have done, but I’m pretty sure I would not have seen it right away.  That’s ok, I’m glad I know for next time and really I didn’t go that badly overboard.  At the party I ate the veggies and one piece of meat, a few chips and such and skipped the cake.  There certainly have been lots of other times when I would have just kept on going.  We also walked to and from the party, not to mention the rally so all in all not great, but nothing worth beating myself up over.

I spent a bit of time peaking into the One Day Way, by Chantel Hobbs.  I always enjoy bits of her work.  I haven’t had the opportunity to get her books, but they will be on my Christmas list.  I learned from her and my sister to look at it as single increments towards a healthy life.  Pick one thing, learn to do it everyday then pick the next one and keep on building.  That’s why I do my twenty sit ups every day.  As I was reflecting on it tonight it hit me – I’ve done the sit ups long enough its time to add something more to the everyday workout that I’m building bit by bit.

Its time to increase the Camino Cardio.  That’s what I call my time on the treadmill.  The first major milestone will be running a 5K in the spring to raise money for my schools library.  Well, jogging – not exactly running.  I am ready to start changing the minutes from fast walk to jogging.  Right now I’m really slow folks, my fast walk is about 3.2mph and yes, after that I pretty much have to jog.  I’m ready to ramp it up and jog 1 minute of my 30… I can’t promise more than that right now.

I still think I need to add something to the strength routine, and it really should be upper body.  I have a medicine ball and I am going to add it into my ball time.  After 20 situps (on the ball), I’m going to move the medicine ball from left to right arms, keeping my arms extended fully 10 times.  This is week one, and I’m also starting to jog.

Goals must be attainable, incremental and rewardable.  Here is this weeks list:

  • M, W, Th, F – I will log my food on  Su, Tues, Sat I will monitor my intake
  • Next Saturday will not be a big eat, but will still be a treat night
  • All days I will do my ball work, both exercises
  • M, W, Th I will use the treadmill and do the 1 minute jog
  • Tuesday I will bike to my volunteer work
  • Friday is the school dance, I will try and dance one song with each of my sons… this is a tricky one for me as jerky movements are hard on my bladder (come on, Mikey was over 10 pounds)

This is going to be a busy week, my sons are home from school on Monday.  I am looking forward to it, I like having them around and am hoping they can help me with some stuff outside.  The Leaves are nearly all on the ground and they are still in the age when making leaf piles to play in is good fun.

I am going to sign off.  I like the idea of small, incremental daily goals.  I can do this!


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