Posted by: cmittermeier | October 24, 2011

many methods, many goals, same path

Today I am focusing on logging of food because I just got back from my sons doctor… and once again he’s loosing weight.  He has more letters after his name than most specialists: ASD, ADHD & CAPD and is presently being evaluated for growth hormone issues, so more letters are likely to come.  He is a picky eater, like many with autism, but its likely that its not just his restricted appetite that is causing the slow growth.

As I sat down to enter my food into, I realized I should probably be logging his food as well.  Is he really getting the calories he needs?  He is reasonably active, thankfully not continually in motion as he was as a todler but still his body is rarely still.  He’s not into sports though, so it sort of balances out.  With this he should be taking in about 2000 – 2300 calories and I can tell you without logging that there is no way he is close to that!

There are many ways to log food that I know of:

  • food group trackers – so many servings of fruits, veggies, breads, protein and fats (I only know of pen and paper)
  • calorie logs – electronically (what I do some days a week)
  • calorie logs – pen and paper

For my son, in the past we’d tried a pen and paper grid but that never caught on.  As well, the food group thing doesn’t work too well for him because he eats so few things.  I think I’m going to have to convert one of my pen and paper calorie logs and just use that for he next few weeks till we see his doctor again.

As is often the case when kids have problems, the bigger issue is that we as parents haven’t tackled it.  It would be so much easier to just fling his problems back at him, or at the doctors, but we are his parents… We are the ones preparing his food, we are the ones letting things slide.  The buck stops here… and changing it is not going to be easy… if it was we wouldn’t be here, now would we?

Overall plan of attack: log carefully what he eats for the next two weeks.  Put more of an effort to get his favourite foods on his plate everyday, yes this means I’m making two meals every day as the rest of us like a bit of variety!

So, on that note I’m off to make something he’ll eat for snack.   His lunch consisted of a hot dog bun and some chocolate soy milk – that was enjoy to “stuff” him…


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