Posted by: cmittermeier | November 2, 2011

Purpose versus Goals

I am glad I am a practical Catholic Christian.  We live our lives with purpose, not with goals.  We have vocations, not jobs.  Its a weird way to be but it works for me.  It sets me free.  Here is one example, of many.

I have many people around me who knew to their core what their “IT” was from a young age.  My brother is in computers and everyone who knew him as a boy playing with our Vic20 and Commodore 64 is not surprised.  My friend never put down her sketch pads as a child now works in graphic design… but what about me?  I flit, I float, I changed my mind 30 times a day as a child.  My IT is exactly that: I am God’s Floater. It means where he wants me, he drops me in and I go from there.  He’ll give me what I need for that thing – and when its over I’ll rarely be able to do what I did then.  At first I thought it was old age, then I came to realize it was just too well orchestrated.

Right now, I m on a search… you see, these blogs are not the first time I have been engrossed in writing.  Years ago I wrote a book and put it on a shelf.  It was very rough, I’m glad it sat on the shelf as God smoothed out some of my edges.  Then I could smooth of some of its edges and I sat there wondering why I had this in my lap.  Was it just for me?  Guess not because the news is now out and I’m on the hunt for an agent so it can be published.  Here’s where the Eureka moment comes in…

At first, the little hints to move forward on it were aimed at targets that would get my attention, and more importantly get me moving faster (I’m rather slow to do what I’m told).  But I was starting to fixate on one of them, till last nights bible study class.  We looked at the Beatitudes – something that never gets old. I realized that as I moved forward with this, I had to be willing to accept that it might not accomplish the goals I was holding to.  Its purpose may be something entirely different.  I will likely never know what that purpose is, but it will further His purpose.  I can’t be in this for my gain, but HIS.  What matters is the purpose, not the goal and I don’t have to know that purpose to follow it.


  1. Congratulations Camille! Such a monumental step. Many of us dream of being published authors but few of us take the necessary steps. Also, sometimes it is very difficult to recognize what we are called to do. Good luck with this endeavor!

    • Thanks! Enjoying the journey so far.

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