Posted by: cmittermeier | November 9, 2011

Just cause I miss the mark, doesn’t mean I should move the final target

Hypocrites and Sinners.  If you don’t feel comfortable with either of those two groups, please don’t include me in your list of friends.  If you want to go to church and not be surrounded by either group, don’t come to mine.

Today I was at a funeral, and it was bilingual so some of the rites sounded different to me.  I suspect the fact that I’m getting near 4 weeks without confession has tuned my ear differently, because it seemed to me this was the first funeral I have been to where there was reference to sin.  I had the image of drops of blood dripping into the chalice when the reference was made and I wondered, what drop was mine?  What drop of Christ’s blood was shed because of my sin?  I found myself united to every single other person, not in my triumphs, but in my sin.

We all hate hypocrites, but how many of us openly accept we are all hypocrites?  How many of us really follow through with and understand all the ramifications of our faith? How many of us can handle when our failings are shown to us?  We do our best but we’re only human, yeah, I know that party line.  What I don’t get is how we all seem to think that our best is all we need to aim for – and that everyone else is a hypocrite but we aren’t because we’re doing our best and that’s good enough.  Anything we can’t do must be okay, because its wrong to expect more than I am capable of.

The word sin is an archery term, it means to miss the mark.  To get better at reaching a target, we start with one we can hit.  Then we move it back a bit.  Then we get good at hitting that one and we move it back again.  The whole point of faith is to start where you are and then move your target back till you get to perfection, also known as Jesus Christ.  That is why even when the church sins, it doesn’t change the rules of the game.  The ultimate target does not change – we do not get to rewrite Christ’s teachings.  However, what can change is the present target you are aiming at.  Start with where you are, then ask more of yourself.   Its called personal growth.

As I sat in the pew today, I was engulfed in how far off the mark I am.  The reading for today was from First Corinthians and in it you will find this line:

Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?

Uh, if I’m the temple of the holy spirit, what am I doing having maple cream cookies for lunch?  No, no hypocrite here!

When I look at my life, I am taken aback by the discontinuity between what I want for myself and what I am willing to do to get there.  I want to be able to do what I’m doing and loose weight.  It just doesn’t work that way.  The rules apply to me whether I want them to or not.  We keep trying to escape the consequences of our actions – but we can’t.   Gluttony puts me away from God, not closer.  Not what I want, but that is what I am choosing.

For the moment, it is my personal best, but I refuse to accept that is as far as I’m going.  I refuse to change the rules to suit what I feel comfie doing.  I’m not going to run out and get pills or potions to help me loose weight.  I’m going to move the target back a little bit instead.  Today, though I had some maple cookies for lunch, I did eat my regular healthy other meals and I’m going to try hard to not snack tonight.  That will require prayer I’m sure, and me being open and honest with my husband and asking if he can forgo the snacks tonight and just have a bowl of cereal so not to tempt me beyond my present limit.  Maybe more prayer.  Okay, maybe a lot more prayer.

The next time you tell yourself your target is far enough because its good enough to just be good enough… challenge that thought.  Daily prayer?  Oh who has the time?  Rewrite that – Daily prayer?  Hmm, maybe I’ll set as my homepage a prayer site like sacred space, or pray as you go.  Challenge yourself, not the rule.


  1. Gluttony puts me away from God, not closer. No truer words were ever written. Not to put anyone down that has had weight loss surgery but when I thought about it… God was my deciding factor. I said to myself I wanted to go to God with the stomach I was given not the one I created. It’s just my choice and my view. Bridgette

    • He gives us each our own ways, glad ours is similar! Thankfully my hubby had his snack downstairs – tonight is temptation free!!!

  2. Yikes! I had maple cream cookies for lunch too – three food groups that I should be avoiding. Although I am proud to report that I did not eat eggs today at breakfast. Was supposed to have eliminated them months ago.

    NO gluten, NO dairy, NO sugar (not even fructose=fruit), NO eggs, NO red meat, NO shellfish, NO fermented products (no wine, no vinegar). Not even Ham & Eggs. What will I do? Is there a patron saint of Food Allergies & Sensitivities?

    • St. Martha! There are others, but her fussiness reminds me of us 🙂

  3. “You are a Tabernacle.”

    Father Trevor Nathasingh
    November 10, 2011
    Recapture His Glory
    Fall Event – 2011

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