Posted by: cmittermeier | November 18, 2011


Tuesday morning I woke up and was soon calling my husband home to take care of the kids because I was unable to stop the room from spinning.  This was the worst attack of vertigo I’d ever had.  I could not move, boy did my hips hate the only position my head was comfie in.  By dinner time I was able to sit and had stopped vomiting.

Vertigo is not fun, it is disabling as many of the most basic things can’t be done by yourself.  As I lay in bed forcing my body not to move I had to rely on my kids and my husband to bring me items that lay only a few inches out of my reach.  It unpredictable, you can be perfectly fine one minute and then the next be grabbing onto whatever is closest that offers stability.  I had forgotten how scary it was.

When the doctor arrived to hand over the script for medication I was reassured by how calm he was.  I needed that.  I will see my family doctor next Tuesday to follow up.  The last few days have been very slow for me.  I think its a good thing.  In more ways than one.

It has given a friend and I more time together.  She brought food – real food – like green beans, peppers, salmon.  I haven’t been eating enough vegetables, remember this was the first week I was back to taking my supplements after forgetting them for about a month.  I feel like I’ve been given a big push toward what I’m to do with my life.  Eat right.  Rest.  Listen.

I’m still really tired, as you read in previous posts this week has been rough for other reasons.  Whatever is causing the vertigo is not effecting many other sytems, but I get worn out by early afternoon.  I will be ready to sleep for the night pretty soon.

Today I faced, once again, something from my past that has hindered me.  I’ve written about it before: eating when nauseated, thinking its a dip in blood sugar.  As I had a few small dizzy spells, the urge to grab a cookie, grab some protien came with it.  Its a conditioned response having dealt with low blood sugar.  I spent much of the beginning of this year learning how to monitor my blood sugar so I didn’t jump to the food when it wasn’t the answer.  The road ahead will be harder, I will have to be more disciplined or else I’m going to gain back what I have lost.  Oh by the way, the halloween increase is gone.

I’ve been praying for more discipline, fortitude… as this day wore on that prayer kept coming back to me.  I am looking at this not as a test, but as his way of giving me the chance to get it right.  He does that a lot, give us chances over and over till we get it right.

So I shall sign off, maybe read a few little sound bites before I fall asleep.  Good night world, Good night my Lord.


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