Posted by: cmittermeier | November 28, 2011

Advent 2011

I’m going to write this post over the course of a week.  This requires some thought, some planning.  I’ve got ADHD, this is a short term project so I can ask different things of me than if this were a 6 month project.  I’ve got lots of inspiration, so on the one hand the goals can be pretty huge.  On the other hand, there is lots of hurdles: vertigo is unpredictable.

I want to fast, but due to blood sugar concerns that means something very different for me.  Breakfast should be oatmeal or some other hot cereal, eggs with one slice of toast on the weekend.  Hot cereals like homemade oatmeal or cream of wheat pack a lot of protein and they tend to fill me up.  That will handle the days I wake up hungry, for a regular day a single slice of toast will do.  The cinnamon will help level the blood sugar, and it can be added to toast and hot cereals.  I can drop the carbohydrate from lunch, eating only veggies and protein.  Put in a yogurt/fruit snack in the afternoon to keep my blood sugar level and I should be set.  One regular dinner, no dessert 😦 very sad that.  This lowers my carbohydrate intake substantially.

Next I would have liked to get my daily walk back in, substituting a bike ride on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I work at the church.  Problem is, with the vertigo I’m still a bit weak so on this I’m going to have to play it day by day.

Now, how to handle the “feasts”?  Including both secular and religious, lets look at the list of things going on.

  • St. Nicolas and School Parent Council Gathering  – December 6
  • Immaculate Conception – December 8
  • Heralds Christmas Gala – December 9
  • Friend’s Christmas Party – December 10
  • Our Lady of Guadelupe – December 12

Next, lets look at what ones of these I’d have to worry about portion control… The Gala should be easy, and we’re not sure if we’re going to the Christmas Party.  The parent council will have options, but also temptations.  All the rest are quite manageable.  There will be sweets and treats out lots of places, I will have to be ready with my excusables… not excuses, but little lines that people will let you off the hook of sampling their chocolates, cookies, panetone.  They all have to have truth.

  • I can’t have sweets at this time of the day, interferes with my blood sugar too much
  • I’ve been having digestive issues and I’m trying to cut down on certain allergens
  • I’m fasting prayerfully for my husband’s family, his father is still adjusting to the nursing home (yeah, I know, selective audience)
  • I’m fasting so when I pig out at Christmas I don’t gain a pant size
  • I’m practising fortitude so I’ve got it when I really need it

Funny thing is when I first looked at this list I realized that there are more people that I can share the religious reasons for fasting with than not.  There is likely one a few people I will have to find another way of stating it.

The Camino is a huge goal, I won’t get there till I am able to handle small things like this.  Hmm.  Wonder where I’ve heard that one before!  Walking the Camino can be done in four weeks, or as long as you want.  I just realized that Advent is four weeks as well.  Training for the Camino will take a lot longer.  I have to get used to walking, and used to pushing myself when I don’t want to.  I’m a sloth, so pushing myself for these four weeks will be a big step to walking for those four weeks.

Today is Monday November 28, 2011.  There are exactly 28 days till Christmas.  If I complete this, it will be the longest disciplined period of my life so far.  I know, I’m a wimp!  The hardest part will be right near the end as my hormones will be in prime force.  Fitting as spiritually speaking I am offering this for someone who is battling the final fight.  I’m hoping as things get harder for me, what is known as final perseverance will be easier for her.



  1. You can -and- will do this. Bridgette

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