Posted by: cmittermeier | December 2, 2011

Review – Advent Fast week one

It has been an easy week.  Yes,  you read correctly.  I was very hungry the first few days, especially in the evenings.  My hubby was very supportive and had his evening snack downstairs a couple of times, and once I told him to stop eating while we watched tv.

I’m not going back on the scale till December 23rd when we head out to the family for the holiday.  Already I can tell its made some difference though.  I’d recently gotten into the next size down and when you are that close to the border, little bits make things easier to button.

I’m keeping up with my minimal prayer routines. I’m learning about the prophets.  It is really interesting – I’m following a series aired by hosted by Dr. John Clabeaux called The Prophets and You.  It is amazing how much more you can get out of the bible when you have a teacher who knows their stuff.  As one teacher said, the bible must be wrestled with and I so agree.

I am ready to start exercising again, after this I hope to get in a walk and some time in our adoration chapel. I am still exploring the Camino, I find it easy to push aside still.  I think till I actually walk it I will doubt I am to walk it.  It is easy when one is being wooed to brush it off, but every so often I get up the nerve to raise my eyes and gaze at it.  Today I must walk.

Next week holds some hurdles, the first of a few planned events.  I have so many prayers of Thanksgiving to bring to God, but there is also petitions.  Please do not forget to pray for the seminarian Philip Johnson.


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