Posted by: cmittermeier | December 20, 2011


Just a quick post… after reviewing my stuff, my coach has put me on a bit of a detox.  For the next four days nothing but soup and veggies.  I can tell you I need it, I haven’t gone over all the other stuff that has been winky, but suffice it to say the low blood sugar isn’t the only reason she’s moved to detox.

I will update you in the days that follow, for now I’m in heaven enjoying fresh chicken soup.  I’m using a pressure cooker, so about a days worth of soup in 25 minutes not including the time to cut the veggies.

Once again, I’m just driving in reverse enjoying the ride!  God’s in control, its all happening in the most amazing jumble.  No one would ever be able to set this up, and likely many who know me will say I’m off my rocker for feeling like this is all going great!  But its the truth, as crazy, as chaotic as it is, it is above all wonderful and has me praising my Lord.  Thank you God!!!!  I needed this.  Note, I would not have planned it this way – need is not interchangeable for want just yet.  As the benefits start to show, yes, I am slowly able to say I want this… but really, who wants to do the hard stuff at first?  Its only when the practice is going well enough to play something for your friends that we start to really enjoy the hard work.


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