Posted by: cmittermeier | December 22, 2011

Bubbles and Babies

Today I reminded how much of a bubble I have around me.  I posted a reminder to donate to charities, and when someone suggested the united way I commented that I didn’t realize they supported abortion – in Canada the united way supports planned parenthood.  The replied they did in certain circumstances.

It made me shudder in fear… the idea that killing an innocent life could be justified in certain circumstances frightens me.   What did that child do to justify its death? Maternal illness – choose the mother over the child?  Why not take the $3,000,000 Ontario tax dollars that are spent on abortions every year and actually research how to save both lives?

Outside of a life for a life, I am afraid all other reasons want to make me vomit.  All I see is little babies being torn apart to be sucked out.  Too graphic?  I’m sorry, that is what happens – or didn’t you know that those babies actually try and fight in the womb?

I’m not thinking of the mothers you say… darn tooting we aren’t thinking of the mothers!  We need to support them, we need to help them!  Those who have had abortions need to find healing and love.  But that’s not what we do here.  Lets not deal with the real problems, that would be too hard.  No, instead of stepping back and admitting that our ‘do whatever you want’ society needs to learn how to keep its pants on and THINK before you have sex… we just kill the offspring.  30,000 babies a year.  That is in Ontario – one province.  Abortion is back up birth control.  What about those heart string cases… maternal illness, rape victums, teenage pregnancy… do you really think we have 30,000 rapes that lead to pregnancy every year?  56 cases of sexual assult per 100,000 in Ontario in 2006.   Well that doesn’t add up, now does it?

And in those cases, what support do we offer those women?  That’s the real problem – we don’t take care of them, so much easier to just kill the baby.

Maternal illness is the only situation that wrenches my gut.  I have etched in my memory the one picture I saw of a friend’s mother, she had cancer and choose not to treat it knowing it would kill her unborn child.  Both died.  It is Sophie’s choice for husbands – what if, like my friend, you have other children – to deprive them of a mother?  Would you be ready to raise an infant, alone?  Though I would pray they be given the strength to do as my friend, this is one situation I do not yet have the eloquence to speak for God to strengthen the family to make the right choice.  Every other mother who came to me with a pregnancy they would consider killing I have words to help guide her to life.  For that is what her choice really is – it is about life and hope.  The double jeopardy of mother and child, where the choice is death, that is where I would pray to one who made exactly that choice for my own words would need to be choosen so carefully.

Saint Gianna Molla is needed in this world now more than ever.  She was one such mother, and like my friend’s mother, she died in choosing to keep her child.  That child did survive, and was present at the ceremony where her Mother was made a Saint.


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