Posted by: cmittermeier | December 31, 2011

Halfway through Christmas, where did all the trees go?

At the beginning of advent I wrote on how we have it backwards.  Advent is a time of fasting and penitence THEN we party.  Growing up my mom always held off putting up the tree, she grew up with the tree being decorated Christmas eve.  If I’m going to put one up I do like to put it up at the beginning of advent.  I find it helps with my anticipation.  I won’t take it down till the end of the Christmas Season, but it sounds like lots of people have already taken theirs down.

Why?  Its still Christmas folks!  Again, we have it backwards… the feast isn’t done yet we’ve packed it all up and put it all away.  We’ver replaced the real Christmas with all these secular traditions and in doing so we’re loosing touch with what its all about.  No fasting, no pentitence, no preparation only parties and now when the church says to party we’re all packed up.  We are so mixed up.

Buck the trend – keep the tree till Epiphany!  Let the wisemen guide you back to the real reason for the season!  For those of you who don’t know, that means you have one more week of festivities 🙂

And folks, tomorrow isn’t just New Years Day, its a church feast and an important one.  Enjoy the link and be strong – Keep the tree!


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