Posted by: cmittermeier | January 3, 2012

We three friends, of orient are…

One of those funny things about being raised Catholic – everything gets grouped in threes.  It’s the trinity in real life: lover, loved one and the love between… the giver, the receiver and the gift…

Yesterday as I sat in the chapel my mind drifted back to various trios of friends I have had.  I prayed for the two women I first prayed the rosary with, they taught me the Divine Mercy Chaplet along with many, many other things.  Though long confessed, I was the undoing of that beautiful group and though time heals it certainly resides in my regret column.  Today as I talked with two close friends about the rest of my week it didn’t take too long to realize that we were three.

I remembered a beautiful reflection on spiritual archetypes that I came across years ago: Peter, Paul and John or Leader, Evangelist and Mystic.  When I think of these two women I see how we all float between these archetypes more so than others.  Yes, we all are different things at different times, but many people I know tend to hold true to one aspect more than others.  I do not do that – I float around continually.  From devotion to devotion, book to book – as I sat in the chapel enjoying a new set of prayers I had to chuckle at how wonderfully diverse the Lord has made the church around me.  He knows I can’t sit still so He continually finds me new things to hold my attention.  It would be really weird if I, the chameleon, stayed with any one archetype.  Though for different reasons, the same holds true for these other women.  Our lives are all over the map!  Know us in one decade and you likely won’t recognize us in the next.  We are what God needs us to be, and it is never the same thing twice.

It is well-known that structurally speaking a triangle is the strongest shape.  As I think of these two women I see how we each bring healing, strength and humour to each other.  We have to go easy on the last one, we are all aged women who have borne enough children to have weakened certain muscles one must rely on when laughing.  We have gifts that blend well, even our driving skills complement one another.   Though I’m not quite ready to have our husbands get to know each other too well… its one thing for us to kabitz…

Back to the serious side, we are for each other that which we cannot provide for ourselves and I am eternally grateful to God for bringing them into my life.


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