Posted by: cmittermeier | January 5, 2012

Seasonal Thoughts

Its January, a time of year when people make resolutions, start new eating habits and exercises.  I went to the library myself and picked up two books on health, and I’ve order three books with my Christmas present.   I don’t do formal resolutions, but I do enjoy the momentum to change.

We all have structure to our lives – the seasons define what clothes we wear, what activities we do,  and though to a lesser degree than in the past, what foods we eat.  I have written on the Church Calendar in my other blog because I love the concept of  seasonal structure.  Advent was a time of fasting and preparation – the Christmas Season (still going on I must add) is a time of feasting and festivities.  Soon we will be back in Ordinary time, a time to return to normal life… and that is just what all those January fresh starts are about.

It’s about looking back over our lives and deciding (again) how we really want it to be.  It’s about retuning, and in my case, learning how we should be.  The books I bought were on the endocrine system and my body as it ages (I’m not some twenty something here folks, I’m within 13 years of my father’s death).   I need to know the path I should aim towards.

January should be a time of reflection for everyone, and on every aspect of their lives.  Though for many of us it was small, we made progress last year and will continue to do so.  For some of us it simply means following the path we started last year, but for others like me, it may involve more searching to know what the path should be.  With prayer and mindfulness I am reading lots of stuff… and I hope to present more of it to you in the days and weeks ahead.

Enjoy the momentum of the season… and if your in the market for new exercise equipment, enjoy the sales, too!


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