Posted by: cmittermeier | January 12, 2012

I hate house cleaning

I hate house cleaning.  I am a stay at home Mom and one of the things I miss most about working was that back then I had a cleaning lady.  I miss it.  I hate cleaning.  It seems so… non-progressive.  You vacuum, you put things away, you dust and POOF!  Its back.  What’s the point?  It also feels just like shuffling piles.  We have too much stuff and when I’m cleaning I come face to face with the fact that THERE JUST ISN’T ANY PLACE TO PUT STUFF.  I dread getting a bigger place, it would just mean we get more.  I’m not stupid, we are hoarders.

As I try, once again, to get up the momentum to put this place in order I am searching for the spiritual to boost me up.  Dryness is a big part of the spiritual life.  The monotony of prayers when the answer is many months (or years) away come to mind.  Really its no different than culling dust bunnies.  Sigh, virtue is found in the most mundane places but there it is.  So, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its off to dusting I go.


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