Posted by: cmittermeier | January 13, 2012

Stress and Overeating

In the last two weeks I have been overeating.  In the first week it was a reaction to the stress around me, then I had to go to a funeral and all I wanted to do was numb myself.  This last week there was so much on my plate, I ate to both numb myself and to act out against the weight of my world.  When life pushes – push back.  Stress – Eat – Stress – Eat… I feel like I’m back in university.  Those years were so filled with so much stress my entire life was like this so I am familiar with this pattern.

In the first week I discounted what was going on, after all, twenty years ago when I would stress-eat-stress-eat it was constant and this was just a blip, right?  But we are now at the two week mark.  This is not a blip.  This is a pattern that needs to be broken.

I hate wrestling with God.  We know the right thing to do, but we want the other path.  I have no idea why my brain (and the brains of many others) thinks that satisfying some oral craving will relieve stress, but it seems to be hardwired the wrong way.  It is nonsensical.  Somewhere there is a short circuit.

This week I have been back on the treadmill.  I had a bad blister from the funeral that came off during the plane ride home.  The skin cracked and is still healing so the early days of this week I was walking on the treadmill with clogs.  It raised my heart rate enough, but still the last two days with my proper shoes were much better.  Today God sat and watched me wrestle with the above, with all the weights that I have been pushing against.  Somewhere around the 24 minute mark it all went away.  I walked through the door of the room I have been pacing around.

I cannot explain the peace I have found, or why all of a sudden I no longer have the urge to keep my mouth filled.  Some will say its just the exercises high.  Well, in the final analysis God was the one who designed nature, so in the end its still Him that did it.  So, rightfully so, Thank You God – to Him be the Glory!


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