Posted by: cmittermeier | February 6, 2012

small change, huge progress? Not likely!

Before I get to the weekly weigh in, lets review the week.  I had for the third week in a row completed my treadmill six out of seven days, and last week my distance has been increasing.  I have been watching my food all week, though I did cave and had salt and vinegar chips on Thursday in addition to my Saturday treat night.  Sunday we were out of town and we had to eat out two of the three meals, but I was careful to check nutritional information and so I stayed in my 1500 calorie limit, though I’m sure the calorie distribution was off (not enough veggies, too much fat)

In terms of noticeable effects, I have had more energy and breathe better.  My smallest clothes,  that had been too tight, were back to being wearable.  I no longer had the bloated feeling.  More than enough for me to expect I was going to be much closer to my lowest weight before Christmas.

And the result was…

193.2 – down 0.8 of a pound

I was MAD!  I had worked hard, I had said NO to tonnes of foods… cinnamon buns, chocolates, potato chips… and this was the thanks?  As I started my daily routine I took the frustration out first on my treadmill.  I went at a much faster pace than last week – I went for an extra 6 minutes but racked up an extra quarter mile!  Then I moved on to the regular laundry and as I complained, I was met with an internal laugh.

I am working on long term, sustainable change.  It must be grandual enough that it can become part of my regular day.  It will be slow changes, nothing huge and dramatic.  As I complained, the question came forth: did I really expect huge results with small changes?  Yes, dag namit!  I did.  I want fast results with only small little changes.

When I stopped in at a friend, she was more than happy with my progress and I had to laugh again at myself.  I haven’t gained, and if you ignore that mid-week weigh in, I haven’t gained since the three holiday weeks.  Small sucesses build to big ones, but for now I will have to be happy with small ones.  There isn’t any other option till I figure out more about my eating.

Now I have to give fair warning.  I am due for the 7 year regular colonoscopy (my mother and grandfather both died of colon/rectal cancer).  I have no idea what the effect will be on next weeks weigh in having two days on only clear fluids.  I’m looking at various options,  hoping to not be too far under my daily calories (otherwise I’ll have trouble with my hypoglycemia).

So too all of you making your little changes, don’t give up!  Slow and steady we will make these temples shine, but some weeks we’ll have to be happy with only a small part shined.


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