Posted by: cmittermeier | February 20, 2012

Unexpected Retreat

Last week was busy for us, but it was harder because my hubbie was hit with a cold.  On Thursday night I woke up at 3am and realized I was getting sick.  I didn’t get back to sleep till 5, and I knew I wasn’t going to be going up to Collingwood with the family, I was down for the count.  After resting much of the day, I realized I had a great opportunity: everyone in Toronto thinks I’m in Collingwood, those in Collingwood are too far away… I could go on retreat!

I had three books – The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila, The Dialogue by St. Catherine of Sienna, and A Father who keeps his promises by Scott Hahn.    I decided I’d go to church for morning mass, spend two hours in the chapel reading and such, break for lunch, come back for another two hours then have confession and go home for dinner, then return for a final two hours in the chapel.  After that I’d read The Great Gatsby (for my book club).  Sunday, I could do something similar, though with Sunday Mass it was a little more spaced out.

I want to get more of St. Teresa’s writings, she references them a fair amount and she is a very readable author.  St. Catherine is very enjoyable, but it feels denser.  Scott Hahn is, well, fun!  He is an educator who knows how to tell a tale to keep the students engaged.  I have learned a great deal, so much so that I wonder if I knew anything at all about the old testament covenants prior.  Like an all too eager student I’d hoped to finish all three books by the end of the weekend, the Saints writings are generally short… but in the end I realized I’ve got all Lent to finish them!

I was fairly run down going into the retreat (hence why I was getting sick).  I had some difficulty sleeping, but overall it was a wonderful weekend.  Though I’m not 100%, I am doing not too badly.  I was down 1.4lbs, I am .4 of a pound away from my lowest weight and my smallest clothes are fitting looser.  Interestingly, none of these successes mean much to me because the process is slipping.  I missed the treadmill several days last week because I got “too busy”, I had a normal amount of dessert several nights instead of one.  I’m slipping.  The means as as important as the ends.  I want that lifestyle of exercising, healthy eating… not just the skinny dresses.  I was reminded that getting it is a day by day thing, no matter how far I’ve come I have to start with that prayer to God to make it happen.

This weekend I was able to make up a great chili, some awesome soup and get back into the veggie mind set.  I’ve looked ahead at the week and my treadmill times are in place.  I’ve made sure I’ve got my prayers where I need them.  Now, having said that, I’m off to the treadmill.  Then, if there’s a bit of time before dinner I’ll read, but that may have to wait till tomorrow.


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