Posted by: cmittermeier | February 26, 2012

Following through Fatigue

The last few days have been tired days, I’m a Mom and my youngest son is sick.  On Friday I ate more than I normally would have as I attempted to find some way to get more energy.   I need to make sure I drink more water and eat some veggies, also something that goes downhill when fatigued.

Fatigue plays tricks with us, I find others with ADHD have similar problems.  We can’t seem to hold on to anything beyond the moment.  There is no connection to future consequences, no link to similar experiences in the past.  Fatigue makes focus harder.  Without very rigid routines these moments have us backsliding and often creating more problems in the process.

I’m trying harder to plug into the routines I’ve set up in the last year.  I’ve got my water right beside me and will try and nap when my little guy naps in the afternoon.  I’ve got a dinner of left overs, but I’ll need to get some veggies made up – that will be my next goal when the fatigue lets up a little.  I can’t focus on a lot of stuff, these days are ones where you push super hard for only the real key priorities.  Prayer, good foods, water & exercise – beyond that everything else can wait or be done by someone else.  Big thanks to my hubbie for cleaning the kitchen this morning.

Though hardest, these are the days when following through makes the most progress.  If I can make it through them, I won’t backslide.  Following through with my priorities isn’t easy right now, but I want to be healthy way more than I want to fill up on cookies.  Now I just need to transfer that desire to action.  So much easier to say than do! I’ll pray for you if you pray for me.


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