Posted by: cmittermeier | February 27, 2012

Weekly Log

I am very glad I sat down and went through the reflective writing I did last night.  I can honestly say that I’m not upset with the scale today.  I know objectively that doesn’t make sense, but when has the extraordinary peace of Christ ever made objective sense?

I know I am on the right track, my failures are smaller and they are the real measure of my success.  I was on the treadmill 5/7 days last week, and one day was for nearly an hour.  The times I overate were to such a lessor degree than previous failures.  I am also a week away from my menses and I know that often interferes with my weight, adding anywhere from 2-4 pounds for a few days.  Objectively, that is the only aspect of how I feel that makes logical sense.

Though they are all feel-good things, logically they shouldn’t be able to counter the fact that I was up 3.8 pounds.  It has taken me over a month go loose that amount, this should really be throwing me for a downward spiral.  PMS should also make it look so much worse than it is.  The way I feel right now defies logic.

I know my process is on track, and in the end it is the process that will get the results – not the other way around.  If I went to a plastic surgeon and had him cut out all the extra fat, it would all just come back on.  It is the day to day choices to be someone different than I have been in the past that is important.  I need to want to be that person who turns to exercise for stress relief.  I need to be the person who looks to prayer for comfort.  This week showed that the bonds to food as comfort, food as stress relief are loosening.  So what if the scale disagrees, I’m not in this for a new number on that thing – I’m in this for a new me.

I am happy with this week, I learned a lot.  This is going to be a very good Lent.



  1. Just wanted to say hello and that I’ve been keeping up with you and that I will start blogging soon. Bridgette

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