Posted by: cmittermeier | March 5, 2012

Weekly update

Its been a long day and I am tired so this will be quick.  I was very hungry on the weekend, more so than I have been in a long time.  I ate much more than I normally should have, but it was generally healthy food.  I missed a couple of walks, but some days were longer.  I wasn’t surprised to find that I had stayed the same weight as I was last week.

My husband has gotten on the band wagon, so I suspect I will be able to loose weight this lent that won’t come back during the dreaded 3rd week of my cycle.  I enjoyed my time on the treadmill this morning and went at a faster pace.  I made sure I got in my introductory ab work and some upper body stuff, but not too much.  Last time I started after a break I over did it and then wasn’t able to do much of anything for the next few days.

I got my blood work back last week.  My liver is working properly, it looks like I am able to metabolize fat.  From what we can tell I have reactive hypoglycemia and that means if I’m to avoid the spikes that plumet and put me dangerously low instead of going to fat reserves I have to stay totally on program.  High sugar foods only after a large serving of protien and preferably only small portions.  If I can stay on program I should safely loose weight.

My cholesterol levels were lower than last year, my doctor was very happy to see my healthy cholesterol (HDL) increased and so with the drop in LDL my ratio was back in healthy limits.  He’d still like to see the LDL go down further, but I’m on the right track.  My other heart indicators were good.

My iron was still low, and that was no surprise.  I’d run out of supplements and was having symptoms.  I’d gotten back on them just before the bloodwork was done.  I’m feeling better and will continue to take them, after getting back my night time energy it was very difficult to see it evaporate.

Overall things are looking good, I’ve found my groove and though I’m hungry unlike the weekend I know I will resist!  Keep at it folks, we’ll get there!

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