Posted by: cmittermeier | March 11, 2012

Vacay… on program!

March Break.  Spring Break.  Whatever you want to call it, its vacation time.  You would think it would be hard to stay on program while being out on the road, but it was easier (and yummier) than you might think.  I did not like how there were no snacks, it was just three meals.  My favourite part was the cheesecake for dessert!

Yes, I had cheesecake, ate at McDonalds for lunch and stayed on program.  There’s more room in 1,500 calories than you’d think.  No, I didn’t have a big mac – I had an entree Salad with Grilled chicken.  For dinner it was Swiss Chalet chicken with veggies and a multigrain roll so I could have dessert!

I went for a nice bike ride with my boys this evening.  I look forward to playing and riding with them more this week.  I think it’ll be a great week, well, it’ll have some great moments and I’m sure there will be a lot of challenges.  Its vacay!


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