Posted by: cmittermeier | April 2, 2012

housework burns calories

We all know housework burns calories, but today it dawned on me that I’m getting more calories burned this year than last year with the same chores.  I have a two story house, one of the benefits of getting fitter is that I can let my adhd have a little more breathing room… before I used to push my brain real hard so I didn’t have to go up and down the stairs so much.  Now I don’t worry how many extra times I’m up and down them. Its like parking your car far away from the grocery store so you get in a few extra steps.

Today was laundry day, so lots of up and down bringing laundry to the line outside and then up to the rooms.  My son was also home with the tail end of a stomach bug so there were a few more ups and downs to check on him.  Normally I get in at least 12 trips up both flights (so 24 floors) in a day.  Today was closer to 15, and I’m quite happy with that.

Eating was very poor today, I was tired and I always eat way too much when I’m too sleepy.  Praying for a good nights sleep, a very long sleep would really help.  I’m also hoping I can get in a walk outside, it was beautiful today but with the little guy I stayed home.  We all need the sunlight and fresh air so join me tomorrow for a stroll!

I’m down half a pound, but with it being Easter this weekend I suspect next Tuesdays weigh-in won’t be in that direction.  Mind you, you never know.  We’re not big chocolate fans and I should have enough real foods to keep me satisfied.


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