Posted by: cmittermeier | April 9, 2012

Easter, Treats, Family, Friends… and weight loss

Its easy to put the first four words together, but when you add the concept of weight loss it seems like something is a misfit.  weight loss and Easter, not weird – afterall, Lent is all about training ourselves in sacrifice, discipline and Easter is about new life – the natural biproduct of returning to a healthier weight.  Treats and weight loss also go together – but usually the treats become either a) non food related or b) healthier options.  Similarly I can link just about every combination of two words above.

But putting them all together was nearly at the limits of my journey.  I saw how far I still have to go while noting how far I’ve come.  I found myself at wits end while simultaneously pondering how cohesive the family has grown.  It was so reflective of the whole triduum… serve each other while you receive the ultimate food (Eucharist), painful sacrifice, rebirth.  It was as if each item above had its polar opposites juxtaposed to hammer something into my brain.

We arrived home earlier than expected, as expected I gained 2.5 pounds, but I suspect its not a real gain.  Though I certainly enjoyed the treats I had planned on, I am bloated and plugged up.  My bowels are used to more veggies, more fibers like flax and chia seeds and three days without them hasn’t been too fun.  We’ll see what next weeks weigh in brings.  Likely some sort of opposite!


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