Posted by: cmittermeier | May 18, 2012

Weed n’ Feed

As I mentioned in my last post, we have a foster child now.  Our 16 year old will be half time with his Mom next week.  It is a rich experience, and one that has changed everyone in my family deeply.  His Mom is like my big sister, I would do just about anything for her.  Like all things worth doing, it meant some sacrifices, some adjustments to my routine.  You can’t have everything you want, and when a change is thrust upon you things get moved off the A-list and one of those was my yard.

Really, last year my yard never made the A-list.  I didn’t take much time to get it ready before we went up to Collingwood, and last year it was overrun with weeds.  I added to the trouble with a bird feeder and a pesky squirrel who happily emptied the smaller seeds onto the garden while taking the larger ones for himself.  He’s a rather fat squirrel I might add, especially so early in the season!

Over the last three weeks I stopped being able to look at my yard.  It began to give me panic attacks.  There is a lot of work to be done.  perennials need to be moved, the bird seed grasses need to be cleared out from around my tree, the list is quite long.  One of the most anxiety causing elements is the dandilions.  The front yard isn’t too bad, but the back gives me the shivers.  Its not as bad as the public feilds, don’t get me wrong, but its enough to freak me out.  Our grass has never been very good.  We are not lawn people, and like most things if you don’t put time and effort in, its not going to do too well.

Today my husband was off work having arrived back from a business trip.  He began to cut the grass and the white dandilion balls began to fly.  I just about hyperventilated.  I went out and tried to calm myself down as I convinced him to first pull the heads off and put them in the garbage bin before cutting the grass.  It didn’t take too long, and for now the spread of seeds will be at a slower pace than otherwise.

Lately I have been tempted to make use of a chemical weed remover that is no longer legal.  When the ban came in to effect I didn’t have the time to get my old supplies to the depots, and the bottle keeps staring me in the face.  Problem is I am a rather scrupulous person, little white lies like this eat away at me.    We all have our areas where we will bend the line – tonight for dinner I ate ice cream and potatoe chips – but using products that were banned due to environmental concerns isn’t one I’m going to break easily.

As I sat looking, okay, panicing over the lawn I realized this must be how many people feel about problem areas in their life.  Overwelmed does not begin to explain it.  Locked up, unable to act because the task seems impossible.  Temptations to short cuts.  Temptation to chuck it all.

As we worked on pulling the tops off, a small sense of hope returned.  This will slow the propagation to a manageble level.  It won’t stop it, but it won’t go in leaps and bounds.  That buys me some time.  Now I could get back to regular, hard work.  Getting rid of weeds is a time consuming job, I’ve posted before on the meditative qualities in it.  But its easy to get freaked out by how much change is necessary.

Sometimes, you just have to start by slowing the spread by picking off the tops.


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