Posted by: cmittermeier | May 21, 2012

My Way

Something profound happened this weekend.  Just prior to the weekend something wrapped up, something I had been waiting for.  There are many reasons why people keep weight on, and I had known for quite some time that I was holding back.  It was a timing issue, nothing emotional, just something I was waiting to happen but didn’t have a specific date for.  Well, now that’s done.

As I lay down to rest after being in the sun a bit too much, my thoughts drifted as most people’s do.  I thought about various weight loss programs, my sister-in-law had reviewed an earlier success with weight watchers.  I thought about specific programs and knew they don’t work for me because I want to do it my way… then the epiphany…

What is your Way?

I have always known I was not going for a weight loss but a life change.  Recently I have reflected at how much I have changed.  I have more patience, I have a more caring nature, I am less hostile and find that I don’t give into my temper as much.  I turn less to food for emotional reasons and have developed a few healthy ways to cope with stressors.  My transformation, however,  is not complete.  So, what is my way?

I have decided to re-ignite my physical journey.  I know the exercises I want to do in a day.  Tomorrow I will begin them, and I won’t have time till likely Thursday to share that list with you, but I will try.  I will get in 30 minutes of walking everyday, even if its just laps around the community center while my children have lessons.  I always found 1500 calories to be my magic number: when I reviewed basal metabolic rates and considered likely end states, that was the number of calories I would need to eat in a day.  It is enough to sustain that body, not this one.  This weight would require a larger number of calories so I will loose weight, and it should be 1-2 pounds a week.  I will continue to drink more water: its summertime water intake.

My way is active.  My way is whole foods.  My way is powered by Christ centered meditation.  My way is hard work, don’t follow if you want a quick fix.  I’m fair, fat and forty folks – there are no magic pills, no stomach staples.


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