Posted by: cmittermeier | August 3, 2012

Finding your own story

When you are doing something like loosing weight it is easy to find success stories.  You can use them to motivate and to educate yourself, on the road to health, advice is a necessity!  Free coaching is always good.  The problem I find is that no story holds all the same challenges I face.  I’m rewriting my whole life – while I am living it and it isn’t easy!

When I look at people who have done this, it seems to me they can carve out time to workout.  I find lots of new moms who find ways to work out using their baby as weights, older moms who go play soccer or bike with their kids.  Its not hard to find activities – but where are they getting the time?  When I look at my day, by the time all my chores are done, I don’t have the energy to “play” with the intent of exercising.  I seem to be go, go, go till I am a vegetable.

I want to write my story – my journey.  I want to have successes to share.  I want to have goals that are reached and surpassed.  Problem is all I have to write is “whoops, off the wagon again, getting back on again…”

When I am not too tired, I can stay in control and not overeat.  When I am not bored, I can stay in control and not overeat.  When I’m not stressed, I can stay in control and not overeat.  These are not “if and only if’s” but true “IF… THEN” statements.  When the IF part is FALSE, the conclusion is not guaranteed.  I may be able to stay in control, then again, I may not.

As I’ve reviewed many of my favourite sources of advice, a few things come out.

  • you make time for the priorities (hmm, guess this implies exercise isn’t a priority!)
  • I did a cartwheel the other day and it felt great
  • I love working hard around the house, getting up a sweat digging in the garden or moving heavy stuff
  • I need a substitute thought when things are difficult, stressful, tired or too bored

As you can see, things are still very much in the beginning stages!

I welcome any advice, ideas, links you can throw at me as I continue my pondering towards a solution!


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