Posted by: cmittermeier | August 14, 2012

Planning how to feed my Man!

Over the summer months I only see my husband on weekends.  During the week he’s back home workin’ while I’m at his parents in cottage country.  It has allowed me to work on my weight apart from his habits.  I am a social eater, so if he’s eating it is hard for me not to.  As September draws closer I am beginning to plan out how I’m going to feed my man – and not gain weight myself.

My husband has his own weight issues, but he is not fully ready to tackle them.  Slowly little bits have been falling into place, but the big conversion has yet to come.  Planning out how to feed my man, I have to take that in to consideration.  He is not ready to shed the habits that sustain him, I have to take him as he is.  My hubby is a night eater; I can stop after dinner and only sip water but he needs his bedtime snack.  Problem is I am a social eater: he eats, I eat.

Men also need more food than women, so I will also need to mentally prepare myself to watch him get more than me!  ouch!  Thankfully its not too much more than he does, and big bonus, over this summer I have gotten used to eating normal amounts.  If I can plan properly, I have a fighting chance.

Once I start nibbling at night it is hard for me to stop.  Don’t even think of suggesting veggies at night, that really doesn’t do it for me.  I’m heading towards seeing if he can go back to a bowl of cereal plus some protein.  For my part, the protein might be enough.  If he has to go to something like rice cakes I will fold quicker than a house of cards!

So I’ve got a few suggestions and will be working on other areas that I know will be difficult.  You can’t predict every problem, but those we do, if we don’t prepare – well then we are just giving into defeat.  I’m not going to do that.  So back I go to brainstorming the other tricky spots my man and myself will have to deal with in three short weeks.



  1. It’s so much easier to manage your weight as a couple when you do it together. Bridgette

    • decades ago we did it together and he got to goal, but it all came back for him when we started having kids. It has taken him a long time to get used to the idea, but I think he’s there. I’m still working on the picture of the bike, I’m too slow technologically!!! I’ll get there.

  2. Okay… I can wait! 🙂 Bridgette

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