Posted by: cmittermeier | August 16, 2012

From head game to action

This summer I have been looking seriously at the next few hurdles I’ve got to face.  This summer has been the head work: start with the goal (get to a healthy weight) know the limitations (environment, ADHD) and devise solutions for them.  I am the incarnation of my coach: the Holy Spirit will work with me to find the solutions I am ready to put in action.

Over the summer I was able to make some smaller changes to my eating, and it is making a difference.  I was able to rediscover some simple ways to increase my activity, like working on the house, and found some new ways to push myself, such as mountain biking.  I have learned more about what I need to do to feed my hubby, and for his part he is interested in my solutions.  In these last three weeks I have to push the plan out of my brain and into action.

Here is where I need to listen more carefully to my coach.  Whispers, flutters, not big booming voices from above are what I’m listening for.  Or is it?  In my own prayer life I have to admit there are more than a few times when the connection is clearer than others.  God allows desolation for a few reasons, and one of them is us shutting him out.  If I don’t want to have to strain to hear my coach, I’d better make sure I’m listening.  To keep this connection as clear as possible I have to step up my side of the game.  I’ve got to incorporate prayer into everything, into every aspect of this journey.  I will have to have prayers to begin with, prayers to work out with, prayers to plan our family meals… and so I shall start there.

Get ready for my next post, a prayer for meal planning…



  1. I need to pray more. Bridgette

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