Posted by: cmittermeier | September 7, 2012

Summer’s end

It took a few days but I’m back in the swing of things.  It always takes a few days to re-orient and remember where all my stuff goes.  Now that I’m all unpacked and we’ve got lots of groceries, it was time to get back on the scale.  I am at 189 this morning, and it feels really good.  My hubby and I worked out a number of different solutions to difficult situations so I’m confident that number will continue to get smaller as I get smaller too.

We have changed our evening snack from carbohydrate based to protein.  I portioned out 1/4 cup of nuts, four different kinds (I’ll change up the kinds of nuts each week) along with 2tbsp of dried fruit.  He’s drinking herbal tea instead of juice or pop so I expect he’ll have a big loss soon.

Next week we have to add in some basic exercise, pray for us this could be hard!



  1. Exercise is so hard but like anything else it gets easier as time goes on. Bridgette

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