Posted by: cmittermeier | September 21, 2012

Target established

Okay folks, I found a fitness goal.

My son started gymnastics yesterday and as I sat and watched the competitive girls training in the other areas of the gym, I realized I had a fitness goal.  Well, a goal beyond walking the Camino that is!

First a recap of the nutrition goal.  I want to collect a number of reasonably healthy desserts.  Not that I’m saying I’d want to eat dessert every day, but on the weekends when I have dessert I don’t want it to be equal in calories to the rest of my day.  Yes, from time to time I will likely make up some meringues so I can have a treat through the week, but what I’m really going for is the weekends.

In terms of my fitness goal, well, remember we are all different.  For some people it would be to run a mile in a certain time, or lift a certain weight.  Mine is a little quirky.  Here’s where it all came together…

My sons watched the Olympics with me this summer, not glued to the tube, just a fair amount.  It got us talking about athletes bodies and how different they were: the coccyx in rowing for example was small and light, the weight lifters were bulky.  As we talked about how different builds were better for different events they wanted to know how their bodies fit in.

One is long and lanky, like many of the triathlon athletes and rowers.  The other has super broad shoulders (and I mean super broad – the kid got stuck during delivery).  He has a lot of definition in his muscles (at 8 that stands out) and is super flexible.  We had to be careful with him when he was two-three because his ankles would collapse when he’d run because his ligaments had not lost their newborn flexibility.  The doctor that checked him turned him into a human pretzel so I’d better appreciate it.  So what do you show a T-shaped, strong, flexible boy?  The Rings!  He adored watching gymnastics and then I had a problem…

He was trying it on his own!  My little monkey was trying to do cartwheels and head stands, without training, without spotting.  So I decided to look into it.  We have a club near us, so I joined him up.  Yes, he’d also like to start martial arts, but not this year!  Last night was his first session.  The boys class runs at the same time that the competitive girls train (on other equipment).  It took my breath, and my imagination away.

I loved gymnastics as a kid.  I still do.  One of the summer’s highlights was doing cartwheels with my son.  As I watched the girls I realized I had my goals right in front of me.  No, I’m not talking about training for the uneven bars, or to be able to do a routine on the balance beam.  All I’m talking about is the basic stuff.  I want to be able to do cartwheels and round-offs, hand stands,  work on my flexibility and who knows, maybe even work back up to a back walk-over.

So there is my target, fun eh?

Oh, in terms of updates.  Monday’s weigh-in was up .8 pounds, possibly water weight.  It was also a very difficult day for many other reasons.  I will post about it later.  Friday’s weigh-in was 186.4, 42.9%BF.  Have a great weekend all!


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