Posted by: cmittermeier | October 8, 2012

Anno Domini

If you are like me and found God kind of late in life, you will find there are people and things on both sides of the divide.  I remember a Christian radio program talking about how within five years of finding Christ most people find their set of friends has totally changed.  In the last year I have reflected a lot on the people who sit on both sides of my “A.D.” as well as the work I have done in both eras.

As I have written earlier, I wrote a book in the year just prior to my return to the church.  I am still writing and though there is difference between my first stories I still find it extremely relaxing and a great way to exercise my brain.  There are differences, for example, my stories hold greater purpose, and to be honest, teach me more. I find many of my previous interests are similarly refined, purified.  My exercise, my eating, my family – it’s all changed for the better.

My reflections on the changes in things are easy.  The things I have left behind don’t bother me,  like my excess weight it is predominantly things have held me back from my potential.  Yes, there are elements of my stories that have hit the cutting room floor, but I am very glad they have.  The few things I occasionally still long for, well, to be honest I’m thankful there is confession for those things.

Over the past year I’ve had lots of opportunities to cross paths with old friends and those reflections have been much harder.  There was one friend who helped me clarify that there is no area of my life where God isn’t, and that put a distance as she was not comfortable with the idea that God was in the area we had formally shared.  Seemed my oldest friends had the easiest time with my changes, and the ones in the middle the hardest.

After the last such encounter I spent a lot more time reflecting on it.  You see, when you find something this amazing, you want to share it with the people who mean the most to you.  Problem is, though we can invite we can’t force and worse yet, we all know that over the top ‘Praise Be!’ that served to push away instead of invite.  I certainly found more than once I had to pull back.

In my regular life, I dance – a lot.  I boogy, twirl and tippy toe down the hall.  God is a great dance partner and he always knows how to get me to move to the groove.  In my daily life I spend much of my time, even “busy” times, with a sense of inner peace – in fact if I were to describe my “busy” times I would say its more like being stretched than being busy.  I can’t remember the time when I’ve had a boss as encouraging, as progressive as God.  With him at the helm, I’m really going places!  My relationship with my husband still has many things in common with our newlywed years.  When we sleep it is not on opposite sides of the bed but in the middle with at least a leg or arm overlapping.  In the middle of chores we are very likely to be caught in a kiss or cuddle by the kids (and that included a nephew this last weekend!).  When they say to have the best sex of your life put on a pair of these (the ad shows a pair of wedding rings) they weren’t kidding – what God joins he really knows how to sustain!  How I would love to be able to share these with my friends!

In time I know I will.  I am confident that all the friends I had before Christ took over my life will eventually be in my shoes and we will again share a common path.  I can’t wait to be able to share the joy that fills my soul!  Show them the real me they knew so well… but better.



  1. Your posts always… and I do mean always touch my heart & soul.
    ฿ ґ ї ḓℊℯт⊥ℯ 

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