Posted by: cmittermeier | March 18, 2013

Breaking the chain

I want chips! I want cookies! I want ice cream! Popcorn! Anything nibbly!

For the second weekend in a row I had treats for three nights in a row. I find myself craving unhealthy food. I find the thought of something good, like veggies or fruit, highly unsatisfactory. I have been here before and I know that provided I make it through the next three nights, and make sure to stay clean this weekend, that the chain that binds me will be broken.

I know this chain all too well. Though it has been easier to break and is harder to bound to it I am still susceptible. I remember all too well feeling powerless to break the cravings. When food beckoned, I had no tools to stay no and worse, no hope that one day I would be free.

I have much to be thankful for, I know this chain will fall away. It is more than hope, it is a fact. I have no more will power now than I did in years past. I am plagued by cravings now as I was then. My body felt the rush on the weekend and has fallen back into that pattern – I can feel the need, this is a physical reaction. So why, as my mouth is watering, my stomach churning, why do I know I won’t succumb?

I know because I have been here before AND because my God delivers. I know because the lie that the cravings won’t go away unless I give in has been exposed. I know the truth and it has set me free. I know that the craving won’t last till I give in, it will go away in a few hours. I know how to distract myself for those few hours. I know it will come back for a few days, but in three days my body will reset and it will be gone.

So how do I distract myself? Put myself in God’s hands by using my imagination. He wouldn’t give me too much. Taped tv with no commercials. Reading exercise books and other non-food related material. If I have to read food, keep to the truth. PRAY! Talk to friends. Write! And then say a prayer of thanks.


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