Posted by: cmittermeier | March 19, 2013

day two of weaning…

This is tough, but I’m going to make it, right??? Day two is worse than day one, the cravings are much worse. But I know I am also closer to the end. The saying darkest before the dawn comes to mind and that’s exactly how I feel!
I can give up, and extend the agony because I will have to start fresh. I can continue along a hungry path and complain. I can continue along the hungry path and rejoice that each minute is one less minute I have to be hungry. I can rejoice because every moment is bringing me closer to being back in CONTROL. I can rejoice because I am not alone in this, I am standing shoulder to shoulder with everyone else who is trying to break habits. I guess all those positives are outweighing the negatives, eh?


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