Posted by: cmittermeier | June 4, 2013

Man and Woman – we are not equal

For years I have been laying the groundwork for my husband to start working on his health. He’s overweight, but its not been a priority till now. As he started to log his food this week we started out with a shock.

The principles for nutrition are generally the same between the sexes. Veggies are good to snack on, avoid refined sugars and processed food, that sort of thing applies to all. What we never realized was how much greater their nutritional needs were compared to women. I checked several different sources, and they each confirmed it: he gets to eat 50% more calories than I do.

Over the last few days I have found myself wondering if part of our obesity issues come from the fact that many of us subconsciously were just trying to be “equal” to a man. Let’s face it, gone are the days where you could market a “Mama Burger” as a smaller portion!

On the radio they talked of another area women were narrowing the consumption gap – alcohol. Women’s alcohol consumption has changed radically in 20 years, and we are drinking harder than ever before. New drinks are marketed to the ladies and we are buying them in droves.

I suspect the day is fast approaching where we will universally reclaim our differences, not with sub-servant attitudes of “I can’t eat like him” but with a proud, “I don’t need to eat like him, I am a woman, respect my proportions and don’t give me so much”. Far too many of us have tried to make it by being a man in a woman’s body and decided we would rather be true to ourselves.

I am a woman. I need less food, I need smaller portions. I like being a woman. I don’t want to exercise like a man, I want to workout to my body’s abilities. I don’t have to be a man to be my best.


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