Posted by: cmittermeier | July 3, 2013

Vegan is easy … so far!

Wow, I can’t believe how easy this is! It should be though, I’ve been moving towards this for almost a year and I did spend the weekend preparing ready made food.
Eating really big salads has been the only super “new” thing for me. I was never against salad per say, but it was hardly something I regularly did. A big part of that was because I don’t trust salad dressings. They fall in the same category as cheap fruit flavoured yogurt: lots of empty calories, little nutritional value. If you don’t know what I mean on the yogurt, just look at the label and compare a greek yogurt to the cheapest fruit flavoured variety. One of the things I did on the weekend was make two salad dressings, one used cashews as the oil. No weird ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, healthy fats as the base – and so I feel comfortable putting it on my salads. Funny thing about salads, when you’ve got the right dressing you just can’t stop eating them!
I also put my greens in my breakfast smoothie. Spinach and kale have no taste, but they increase the nutritional value a great deal. This part of my cycle has me adding flax and pumpkin to the smoothie for both protein and good fats. Add a bit of fruit and I’ve got a great start to the day. Chia seeds are always in my smoothies, but the second half of my cycle will have seseame and sunflower seeds instead of the flax and pumpkin. It helps support the regular change in lady hormones.
Well, that’s it for today. Tomorrow I will try to find time to write more on the first thing I did on this journey. I didn’t cut anything out back then, my first step was to add the good stuff. But more on that tomorrow!


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