Posted by: cmittermeier | July 4, 2013

My Path to Vegan Eating part 1

I wasn’t raised to be a vegan, nor was it something I was exposed to in any significant way till recently. Though I knew a few vegetarians in university and I did try a few vegetarian meals, it didn’t really stick. So what brought me to a vegan lifestyle?
It came gradually, God knows me well enough to go slowly. I do not respond well to snap changes, so to start the journey of wellness go back 3 years.
I’d been laid off and was very excited! Yes, you read correctly, I was excited because it meant I got to stay at home with my kids and try again to be a stay at home Mom. I was overweight, but in reasonable health. I knew that as I got older the weight had to come off if I was to outlive my parents. My Dad died at 53, my Mom at 71; heart disease and colon cancer were the respective causes of death. I began to try and make changes, but instead of getting healthier, I had new problems.
I began to get light headed, dizzy and it was discovered that I had hypoglycemia and low blood pressure. One trainer had me check my levels and eat cookies (healthier ones) if it was low. I had an IV in St. Peter’s square in Rome when I nearly passed out at the beatification of John Paul II. It was hard to deal with, both physically and mentally. So I stagnated for a number of years while I read and improved my connection with God.
Just over a year ago, my sister sent me a link to an online viewing of HUNGRY FOR CHANGE. You can find their link if you want. My sister had lost almost two small people at that point, to see her weightloss journey check out “Flashy Jackie” on facebook. I knew her leads were trustworthy. There was one thing in particular I took out of that first viewing – but it is so jam packed with good advice I know if you watch it something else will jump out at you.
My one thing was: Put the good stuff in, it will push the bad stuff out naturally and you won’t have to “cut” anything out.

By that point I was aware of a number of deficiencies in my eating. Fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, beans, lentils, quinos to name a few. I knew they were good for me, and when out I enjoyed them, but to make them myself? I was no where near that. So I started searching up recipes and ideas. One correction though, lentils was something I’d always shied away from, as were beans. In soups and chili, no problem, but the concept of them on their own? No where near.
So that was my first step towards a vegan lifestyle: putting better foods in.
As I will end off all of these posts, a reminder that every path is different. I will not mention some things that weren’t a big deal for me, but may be a huge part of your journey. That’s what makes life unique!


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