Posted by: cmittermeier | July 5, 2013

Gone Vegan – thoughts on the effortless weightloss

Not in my wildest dreams did I expect to feel so full, or for the weight to fall off so fast.  Every day the scale is going down by about a pound, and considering how much I’m eating that seems like a contradiction in terms.  I spent a bit of time pondering that today, and I thought I would share what I came up with.

We all know that in times of famine out bodies are designed to hold onto the small bits we ingest for as long as possible.  The cycle of loose and gain always adding more to our base states.  In the past I always wondered why when we ate more calories our bodies never seemed to realize the famine was over.  Today it hit me: because the famine wasn’t over.  We were still very deprived.

When I consider all the vegetables, seeds, beans, and nuts I’ve eaten this week, I realized that for likely the first time in my life my body is getting its real daily requirements.  The famine is finally over, and so there is no need to hold onto the weight.

It makes sense that when your body is missing key nutrients it will try to hold on to as much of it can of anything.  How many of us have held on to useless things because they fill a void that we can’t fill properly?  Hmm?  Stayed in relationships that were bad for us because it was better than being alone? We all have a God’s sized hole and our secular world tries to get it us to fill it with everything but – shopping, sex, drugs and we try real hard to make them fit.  It makes sense to me that my body would behave the same way.  If you are finding it hard to lose weight, a question I now want to ask you is what is your body missing?  Fill the hole with the right stuff and you won’t need the crap.


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