Posted by: cmittermeier | July 12, 2013

End of second week eating Vegan

This was a tought week, I won’t kid around!  I had a minor headache for 5 days straight. Very unusual for me in recent years, though there was a time when migraines were far too frequent.  I also had to battle PMS, enough said (for now).  I also found myself with little time to prepare my food and temptations abounded!

I know I did not get in all the cooked vegetables I should have, and there were a few days where my consumption of nuts was a wee bit excessive.  I am trying to keep bread products to a minimum, and this week found me sneaking in a few crackers.  I am going to do some digging to see what I can find for healthy crackers, I know there are a few options out there.  I also got a reminder to watch my iron sources.  Tonight I’m going to spend a lot more time surfing to learn just how much I need to each.  I’m sorry, but so many lists are based on “100 grams” and I don’t know about you, but I normally measure my salad by cups!  Worst case I start to weigh my spinach and kale.

It is also the week before my period, and so I am not surprised that my scale has only barely budged.  I have lost half a pound, and considering I normally can gain several I’m quite happy.  Technically Monday is my official weekly weigh in, so things might change between now and then, but I doubt it as I’m not due till Tuesday.

Right now I am sitting at the post-Christmas weight, I still have a few more to go to get back to the lowest weight from 2012, and then I start new ground.

I also learned the hard way that veggies don’t keep as long as you’d think!  I’m going to have to start shopping twice a week because kale wilt way too quick.  I can always stick it in a smoothie, but most things lose a lot of nutrition so I’m thinking it would just be better to change my midweek routine.

I will be honest, inside of me is a belief that I haven’t felt in quite a while.  I’ve been working for nearly three years to become healthy and its only been recently that I’ve seen a lot of progress.  For the first time I actually feel like I will get my weight down by Christmas.

The first few years were about so many other things.  I used to be an emotional eater, drowning my sorrows in brownies.  Now I see food in its appropriate context.

I don’t really have an emotional attachment to the fact that I am obese – it is a fact that is not tied to an emotional reaction.  I feel like Spook as I examine my weight records, searching for greater insight on what works and what didn’t.  I have records going back to my twenties folks, and there’s a lot of patterns!  I look at it all not as good, bad or ugly – but as information that needs to be understood and used properly.

Next I needed to learn what to do, how to live so I wouldn’t continue as an obese individual.  I wrote a bit on that in becoming vegan, I added healthy foods in and slowly the pushed the bad stuff out.  It took a long time to learn what is healthy, and more importantly to find ways to prepare them so I like eating them!  I am still working on that one!

Well folks, this was a very long post but it needed to be.  This was a fully packed week.  Like all my weight charts, its important to go over this, to learn the lessons well.  If I write them down my brain learns it better… so thank you for giving me space to impress upon my brain what I learned.


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