Posted by: cmittermeier | July 17, 2013

Going Vegan Part II

This post could also be called “GET INFORMED”.  I will be honest, it’s a family trait and not something I picked up on my own.  It was only recently that I realized my family was a little different in this respect.  I thought everyone’s first reaction to anything important was to search, read, and learn.

I started where we all are, the internet, but mainly to find the titles of the books to either loan or buy.  Libraries are great places people, and grossly underutilized.  Many of the sites that interested me were the ones that were backed up by scientific evidence.  The other thing was that every single one of them started as a book.  My library either had them or would get them in, and that saved me a lot of money.  There were a number of them that I decided to buy for various reasons.

Dr. Sear’s Prime Time Solution is a great general reference to aging and ways to stay away from the diseases many people mistakenly feel is part of normal aging.  It was the first one I purchased.  I like it’s all around feel, and in many ways it’s not a vegan book.  It does, however, do a very good job of explaining the importance of vegetables and food that is closer to its truest forms.  It is also very mainstream.

Over the next few months I would read about eating clean, boosting my metabolism, using guided imagery, and a tonne about faithful eating.  The very first mention of going vegan came last fall with the Daniel Diet.  It was about using the bible as the blueprint for eating and its web presence came from the southern United States.  In the book of Daniel, he and his friends were captured and did not want to eat non kosher foods.  They were allowed to eat as they wanted as a trial, but because they had no way to make the meat kosher they were left with a plant-based diet.  After the trial period they were healthier than the regular folk and were allowed to continue their eating.  It hit a resonant frequency so I started to look.

At that point I had the standard qualms: protein combining, iron and B12 – how do you get them?  There was also the fact that I was not a beannie gal.  So much of the fall went into finding those first recipes and beginning to understand the protein, iron, and B12 issues.  I suspect these are the things I will have in common with many considering or new vegan’s.  In the next while I will start to post my answers.



  1. Hi lady… remember me, aka “FatGirlUSA”? Just wanted to stop by to say hello and to let you know I have a new blog @
    I’ve been playing Nonna and now it’s time to get back to blogging.

    • Hello! I’ve missed you!!! Congratulations! Lucky girl!!!

  2. Thank you… I’m truly blessed. Bridgette
    Going vegan? WOW, I was vegan for 3 years and need to go back. You can do it!

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