Posted by: cmittermeier | July 22, 2013

Too much starchy foods

This weekend I went  far from the plan I’m trying to maintain.  In a nutshell, though I am eating plant based foods, I am to emphasize greens over starches and I didn’t do that.  Though grains and potatoes are vegan, eating too many of them will result in weight gain and malnutrition as they are not only incomplete but so filling you don’t eat all the other stuff you need to.  How can you eat a big bowl of salad if you first eat a bag of potato chips?  See what I mean?

This weekend I ate potato chips, I ate cookies, I age crackers and so it’s not surprising that I gained weight.  Yes, some of it may be water weight that will come off quickly, but I’m not stupid enough to think it all is.  I ate more calories than my body needed, so it stored them – period.  The more important question is how am I going to get back on track?

First – recharge!  When a rechargeable battery is low, we plug it in.  I need to replug myself into the source of well, everything.  If God can set an entire universe in motion, if he can design a seed to withstand the desert heat and not just grow, but bloom in the very short period when conditions are just so, he can help me.  God will help me find the right path, but that means I need to listen to him, so its back to basics in my prayer life.

Second – analyze!  God also gave me a brain, and though I am older and far less swift of thought than I was twenty years ago, I’ve gained a lot of wisdom. Its time to look back over the last 22 days and see not just what worked, but to ponder why I went so far astray the last few days.  This is summer vacation, a time when my children are home and that has meant a huge change to my routine.  I know that especially last week I got very little exercise in as we had a major heat wave – temperatures in the mid to high thirties [over 100] with a high humidity.  I need to get moving more, increase my endorphins so I’m less tempted to find comfort carbs.  If I find anything else in my review I’ll let you know.

Third – get back on the horse!  Today is grocery day, and the worst thing would be to give up and buy more potato chips.  When you’re heading the right direction a fall is just that, a fall.  It’s not defeat.  Its time to up the anty, not lower the bar.  I’m going to try and cook my greens today.  I’ve only eaten cooked spinach maybe twice in my life and neither time had me going back for seconds, but its time to push forward.  Likely I won’t stay on that cutting edge, but it will get me past this hurdle and I’ll be much more content to enjoy my big salads and sauted veggies.

There’s the three point plan, I’ll let you know how it went in a few days.



  1. Your three point plan sound good, let’s get started. I’ve got to get back on track… I’ve been away much too long playing Nonna! Bridgette

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