Posted by: cmittermeier | September 28, 2013

Rebooting the journey

July was wonderful and easy.  August was the flip side of the coin.  September has been a struggle, though many of the challenges of the summer have passed I started the school year with much less reserve.  This weekend I am trying to reboot the journey to health.  I have been fortunate as September has been a great boost to my faith – I’ve been able to incorporate daily mass and in this last week I’ve finally fine tuned my morning so not only can I make it to mass but early enough that I am able to say the Rosary as well.  I know far too well that if I don’t fit in prayer the rest simply won’t work.  Daily mass is only an 8 minute bike ride away, so on days I don’t have too many errands it also means I get in my exercise for the day.

Today has been a real Sabbath, with lots of time for reflection and refueling on the divine.  It is time to reboot my journey of healthier eating.  Tomorrow I’ll be restocking the freezer with single servings of great tasting plant based proteins.  I have a nice lentil dish and some bean recipes.  My husband has reminded me how much he misses my smoothies, and its time to make a few pots of vegetable soup – fall is so not the time for salads for me. 

Some of you will notice this was written on a Saturday – no, I’m not Jewish.  The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.  With the new parish my Sunday’s are a bit busier and so God has been clearing off my Saturdays for me.  Many priests take a weekday off for much the same reason.  We all need that time off, otherwise you’ll never be able to refresh and continue on your journey.  The specific day is irrelevant, what is crucial is that you do it.


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