Posted by: cmittermeier | November 2, 2013

That which satisfies

I have been off track for a while. My father-in-law’s life came to a close after a swift decline and my old standby was to grieve by numbing myself with food. I will be honest, it has been an uneven road, with both days where I binge to avoid grief, and days where I allow myself to grieve. I have learned many things, but one in particular I wanted to share.

I’m going to break for a minute and talk about one of my favourite Saints, Ignatius of loyola. He, like me, had a conversion experience and returned to the church midway through his life. After a cannon ball went through his leg, he had two years of convalescence. In that time, he found that the stories of the Life of Christ left him with longer lasting feelings than the tales that had previously satisfied him – they seemed to fizzle quite quickly.

Now back to my journey towards health. In this last week, halloween treats have been within easy reach and other treats are easier to make than a healthy dinner. I’ve had some really bad nights – like the day before halloween and All Saints day. I’ve had some amazing days where God’s words have cut through a great deal and I found strength to not eat a single candy as I handed out chocolate bars to the kids at the door. Today I was faced with an inescapable fact: healthy not only tastes better, but it satisfies for much longer. Its just as Ignatius found: the right path satisfies, the wrong path fizzles and leaves you craving more.

I love the consistency of design.


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