Posted by: cmittermeier | November 19, 2013

Day Two – my daily offering


Miles KM
1 18-Nov-13 30 1.6 1.6 2.56 2.56
2 19-Nov-13 30 1.53 3.13 2.448 5.008

Going forward I’m going to play with the formatting till I find how I want to present the daily totals to you.  I’m logging it in a spreadsheet and today all I did was a simple cut and  paste.  Hope its readable in the browser!

Today was certainly not a walk in the park.  I still have that sluggish, ‘i don’t wanna do noting’ attitude so I can’t say this walk had me smiling all the way.  There were times when I knew I had to dig deep or I’d be moving backwards on the tread.  It felt at times like a heavy sled had been attached to my waist and so I wasn’t just hauling my own two feet. That is fitting, because I’m not just doing this for myself, and the benefits are manifold.  There is the obvious benefit to my family that better health brings.  Every kid will tell you that getting to actually play with Mom instead of just have her watch is prime time.  Anyone who has lost a family member at a young age will tell you the benefits to keeping healthy.  But there is another side to the benefits.

In Catholicism, there is no such thing as worthless suffering.  One of the fundamental principles is that our Lord suffered and died for us, that suffering can be offered for the sanctification of not just ones self, but others.  Yesterday as I realized my time on the treadmill wasn’t just a 30 day goal, but an 800km goal of walking the Camino in my daily life I knew just what I wanted to offer it for.  You see, I don’t want to walk for myself – I’m already on the path to God – but not everyone I love and care about is.  As I walk, I hand over repeatedly to Mary my desire that they too be reunited with God.  With every step I take, especially the ones I really don’t want to take, I strengthen the prayer that I ask her to present to God for me.  But why would I offer it to her to take to God, why not just offer it to him directly?

Years ago, when I made my first consecration to Jesus through Mary (I used the preparation and text of St. Louis de Montfort), I handed over everything to Mary so that she would use it for God’s Glory.  It was tough – I didn’t just hand over the suffering, but all the graces too.  In return she’s brought me closer to her Son and has brought me many more graces than I had to offer.

St. Louis de Montfort wrote simply, for the common man to understand.  He explained that if we were to offer an ouef (egg) to Mother Mary to present to her dear son, she would turn it into a bouef (beef) which was a much more expensive gift in his day.  He told the story of the peasant who brought apples to be presented to the king and how she fixed them just right, into the kings favourite dessert.  My struggles to walk the camino in my daily life may be small, but in her hands… see what I mean?


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