Posted by: cmittermeier | November 21, 2013

Day Four

1.62mi, 2.59km 30:06min

One of my inspirations stated that the first part of her journey to health was to develop daily discipline. She started by going to the gym every day for a 30 minute workout. This journey started with that same goal. Though she had the best intentions on exercising early in the day, life happened to her and there were days she had to go in the evening or walk in the rain if it wasn’t possible to get to the gym.

Today was fuller than anticipated so my time on the treadmill was much later, I’m just getting off. I will be honest, it feels good to know my priority didn’t fall off the page just ’cause things got busy.

The only difficulty was I had to hold the rails. I did go faster than when I walk earlier, but my upper body was too tired so I don’t actually think it really added up to a great workout. That isn’t the goal at this point though. Consistency is the focus. Initially I wanted a 30 day goal, but after realizing its basically a year and I’ve walked the Camino, this truly is the long haul, the life goal. God will get me there.


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