Posted by: cmittermeier | November 22, 2013

Sunlight Fades

I love early fall, but not these latter days as the sunlight fades earlier and earlier. It is very depressing. Can’t honestly say my faith makes it easier because at this time of year they’re focusing on readings about the end times! I am so ready for Advent – bring on the light!!!

There are many people out there dealing with much more difficult things than I am. In addition, though things are difficult, I’ve got God directly and indirectly helping me through it and many people don’t have that. It does make things easier, but I won’t lie and say it makes everything go away. I still have to suffer through till the sunlight comes back and my mood improves on its own. I have to force myself to do the stuff that will make it easier because there is very little natural desire to do it.

Sunlight is essential for life on our planet, and I don’t think my ancestors ever planned on us living this far north. The bulk of my brothers DNA indicated Basque – Spanish like Ignatius of Loyola. I’m pretty sure I am wired for more light.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the parallels between the physical world and the spiritual one. So it makes sense that I’ll ponder what it means that some of us do not do well with less sun. We all know stories of Saints who endured years of desolation. We all are aware that right now people are still martyred for the faith. That is being able to function in one heck of a long dark night. It is easy to see that though all of us endure night, not all of us are cut out for long periods of darkness.

But, in the course of a year we all experience the same number of hours of light and dark. The difference is in how it is divided. Some near the equator experience equal periods all the time. Others will have the midnight sun and months of darkness. Our lives mirror this. We all have difficult times, some longer than others, but we all have them. I can take comfort from the fact that though the next few months are hard, they lead towards the brilliant sunny summer nights.

The rhythms of life speak as echos of the soul. Take courage during times of consolation, knowing desolation comes. Draw strength in desolation, knowing consolation will return. Ignatius knew how to endure these long nights, time to buck up and draw strength as I fight against it. Back to the treadmill.


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