Posted by: cmittermeier | November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

I miss my Mom. Tomorrow would have been her 82 birthday if she was still around. Today was the Greycup, one of the only sporting events I ever saw her have an interest in. We always celebrated her birthday on this weekend with the game on the tv. I miss her.

I put up our tree – I know – its only Christ the King, New years really, but next week we’ll be away. I wanted the house decorated this year, all the trimmings! My banister is done, my tree is up and the creches out. Yes, we have multiple nativities. One was a school project, one is carved in Olive wood and the others were each “Can we PLEase plEASe PLEASE get it” requests from my children. I hope the capitalization gets across there desperation and emphasis.

The tree is primarily decorated with blue and silver bows. They were created when I was a teen at one of Christmas’s after my Dad died at a friend’s mountain timeshare. We had a real tree which was a great treat for me. With a sibling with allergies and a Mom who didn’t want needles in her carpet, a live tree was a rare thing. We hand made all the decorations. It has many great memories. I think because of all the deaths this year, I’m thinking more and more about those early years where I went to a funeral or two a year. I grew up pretty fast.

I miss my parents a lot. I miss playing scrabble and cards. And the meals my Mom would make. Though I do many of them, hers tasted better – I will never be able to add the love she did. Mine is but a echo.

Have a great Catholic new years eve – next week we start a whole new year. Only fitting I spent this weekend looking back to know how to move forward.


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