Posted by: cmittermeier | December 6, 2013

don’t ever say I liked it!

Don’t ever think that I am enjoying every aspect of daily exercise. Do not read these posts and think, “ah, its so easy for her, she doesn’t how hard it is for me.” The last two days all I can think about is how much I really don’t want to do it.

Yes, if there was a way I could get out of it, I would have. I did not get on the treadmill yesterday or today because I wanted to. I did not get on because I knew I would feel so much better once I got on. I did not do it because the “high” afterward was worth it. I did not do it to breath easier, nor to help with the inflammation in my hips and hands. I did not do it because I knew I’d enjoy being 2 dress sizes smaller.

No folks, the only reason I did it was because I had to logically. Logical benefit does not translate to emotional highs all the time and the last two days certainly proved that. Every minute was what I grew up classifying as work. Stuff you did ’cause you had to, not because you wanted to.

I did miss Wednesday out of sheer exhaustion after a day that went whacky, but I’m still averaging 5/7 days a week doing 30 minutes per day. The last two days clocked in 1.63 and 1.70 miles respectively.

But not because I liked it, because I had to. I suspect this is the beginnings of that elusive quality “discipline”.


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