Posted by: cmittermeier | January 8, 2014

Getting back on the horse

Yesterday was the day that went sideways.  Turns out I was in good company. Its not surprising that the second day of “back to routine” when coupled with super bad weather that cancels buses and upsets travel will have many quoting, “the best laid schemes of mice and men”.  We all know these days will happen, so we know not to alter our long term plans.  Though I would have liked to have gotten back on the treadmill yesterday, its no biggie that I’m one day behind.  So back on the horse I get.  Never let a single blip screw up your journey.

I can’t tell you my exact numbers though, half way through I had to stop to answer the phone and by the time I got back it had cleared the display.  I’m going to quote it at 1.3mi because in the last 12 minutes I was able to get .61 and it had been a slower start-up.  Standard 30 minutes.

My eating is slowly returning to the diet I want, but its hard!  Today will be the first day my 3pm snack is not two bowls of honey grahams with soy milk.  In the early days my evening snacks were really big, but they have slowly returned to just barely within reason.  Last night I made air popped popcorn, in addition to the nut snack pack that is the expected snack.  Not a huge extra, but still, it will be nice when I don’t have to go over even by that amount.  I’ve also returned to a cup of hot water with lemon juice and a smoothie for breakfast, as well as my regular 1 cup of lentils or 1 cup of beans and rice for lunch along with raw veggies.  After I post this I’m off to make up the really big salad bowl (more for my hubby’s lunches) so I can have a salad with dinner.  I had made a bunch of soups, but they are going down fast as my husband is also a soup guy.  Tonight I’m making chicken soup for him and my youngest son.  I use a pressure cooker, in 20 minutes I’ve got the best broth and so much chicken that its a meal on its own (great for his lunch).  Tomorrow I need to make up my harvest vegetable soup, its a tomatoe cabbage soup that is absolutely wonderful!

Though I can’t say every day is great, they are increasing and will soon outnumber the days that don’t meet the standard.  That’s why I get back on the horse.


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