Posted by: cmittermeier | January 14, 2014

ARGH! Life DE-Scripted

We all know how it feels to start the day with it all planned out – only to have it totally re-written by things beyond our control. I’ve had a string of them, and one of the first started out with a great new look on an old reading.

The gospel that day was the feeding of the five thousand, or the miracle of the loaves and fishes. The priest took a totally different look at it. He focused on the first parts of the reading, when the disciples first got in the boat with him. He talked about their expectations and how they could have never foreseen what was to come that day. He reminded us to change our morning focus towards getting in that boat, letting God be the guide.

Nearly everyday since has been very fluid. Rarely did I get to follow my list, more often it gets drastically altered. I have come to a much greater appreciation of what my priorities are and how difficult it can be to keep priorities on the table. Only once did I get on the treadmill, other priorities had to trump exercise’s ace.

It has been discouraging to log yet another week with little exercise. It was not what I would have planned, but it is where I am. If I don’t accept where I am, I will not get anywhere. By having a week unscripted I have had to face several gaps that I would have liked to continue to avoid. Though hard, it was what I needed and so I thank God for throwing my plans out the window. A lifestyle that only works on the days things go the way you expect… It won’t get the pounds off. Next comes the harder part – finding ways to fill those gaps. They will get filled, I just have to be open to getting in God’s boat.


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